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Part 1. HAWAII
This has but one great photograph; but it is a great one.

This photo story tells of our short trip to Bermuda. What a trip! Great weather, and no cruise ships!

These photos represent just a few of the 865 great slides I took while there. There were two 2-week safaris, one into Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia. The second took in South West Africa (now Namibia). Then alone for 4 weeks with an Avis car driving all over South Africa, Bophuthatswana, Lesotho, Venda, Swaziland, Transkei, Ciskei. This was truly the greatest adventure of my life.

Part 4. BERLIN, MY HOME, 1981 TO 1984
This photo story tells of my life in Berlin and shows many photos that I took from the air over the city, of our times in (then) East Berlin, our home, and traveling to the West by car, train and air.

Part 5. Our Trip to Vietnam Nov 2001
This photo story tells of our trip first to Bangkok, then to Hanoi area. From there we went south to Hue, Da Nang, areas, then to Saigon (Ho Chi Min City) and the Delta region. Quite an eye opening trip of an area we normally considered our of bounds.

Part 6. Our 1993 14-Day Cruise on the Yenisey River, Siberia
Green Forests, Beautiful Rivers, Stalin's Gulag Ruins, Million Population Cities -- Siberia Had Them All. You will enjoy reading and looking at the photos we took of this great adventure. Please take the time to have a look.

Part 7. Our July 2002 2 weeks in Majorka (Mallorka)
Here is the story of our trip to Majorka, where we spent two weeks traveling around by car or just lazily taking our time at the Hotel Belvedere "All-Inclusive" way of life.

Part 8. Our March 2002 5 Day Visit To Paris
Here is the story of our visit to Paris, where we spent five days traveling around visiting museums, Moulin Rouge, and all the major must see sites of Paris.

Part 9. Our July 2003 trip to Tunisia, includes Carthage and Tunis.
Here is the story of our visit to Tunisia, where we spent two weekstraveling around visiting museums, ancient ruins, and all the major must see sites of Tunis. We spent a very solemn visit to the American WW2 Military Cemetery at Carthage.

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