The Gideons go to Bermuda

March 1998

Bermuda from the air. Nation of 60,000 citizens, and about 2 million visitors per year.

Main street of Hamilton, cruise ship on left.

Houses on a hillside in Bermuda. White roofs are so made to collect rain water.

On Danuta's Birthday we went to the Lobster Pot where Danuta devoured a super large lobster.

So, what did they do wrong? Went to St Georges to see the sights.

View from our Guest House patio

Another view from our Guest House patio

Inside the Maritime Museum, in the "Keep" at the Naval Dockyards. England 3024 miles, Puerto Rico 829 miles, Portugal 2731 miles.

Danuta in front of the Supreme Court of Bermuda

Danuta & Lester at the Neptune Statue in the Museum "Keep," at the Naval Dockyards

Lester, sitting on a gun at a fort at Hamilton

View within the Crystal Cave.

At the entrance to the fortified "Keep" at the Naval Dockyards.

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The above photos are only a brief sampling of the nearly 100 taken during our one week visit.

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