The Continuing search for and finding of photos of that great Gideon Family descending from Peter Daniel Gideon leg

These are Black and Whites from1916 through 1952

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Four of the Five, Lester Peter Jr on left, the John Edward, then Edythe (Lynch) the Lester Peter, all GIDEON. Beatrice Evelyn was not available at this time.

Page 1: The Family 1916 to 1940

Page 2: Lester, Sr., Edythe & Beatrice visit Excelsior, Minnesota

Page 3: John Edward GIDEON, in the U.S. Navy, before and during WW II from the year 1941

Page 4: John Edward GIDEON, in the U.S. Navy, during WW II, photos from the year 1942. Note promotions from seaman to Petty Officer 2nd in just one year.

Page 5: 1943 plus two of Edythe Gideon in her 'guides' uniform 1947 and 1952


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Created 13 September 2002
Updated 15 January 2006
by Lester Peter Gideon