Lester Peter Gideon Family Photos, 1916 - 1952

Black & White, Photo Page 2

Lester, Sr., Edythe & Beatrice visit Excelsior, Minnesota

1941, The Peter Miller GIDEON (son of George Gideon) home, Excelsior, Minnesota, place where Lester Sr, was born and spent early childhood. Please note that the home is in the original position on the land as it was built. In the 1980s, the building was moved to another location on the land, so that the original area could be subdivided and homes built. It was planned to be demolished by the developer, but was saved and moved as a result of action of the Horticultural Society as a cultural heritage. Peter Daniel was a president of the Society at one time, and was the developer of a number of crab apples capable of being raised in harsh temperature, including the 'Wealthy,' named for his wife Wealthy (Hull), the 'Florence,' for one of his daughters, amongst many others.

1941, another view of the GIDEON Homestead, Excelsior, Minnesota

1941, another view of the homestead

1941, another view, with Lester Peter, Sr, and Edythe (Lynch) GIDEON looking on, person on right not identified, probably then current owner.

1941, Excelsior school building where Lester Peter, Sr, went to school.

1941, Lester Peter, Sr, looking at the monument marker attesting to his grandfather's (Peter Miller GIDEON) work in the field of Horticultural sciences. Note it is in the original location on the corner of the original homestead. It was moved to another location on the main highway during the 1980s.

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