Lester Peter Gideon Family Photos, 1916 - 1952

Black & White, Photo Page 4

John Edward GIDEON, in the U.S. Navy, during WW II, photos from the year 1942. Note promotions from seaman to Petty Officer 2nd in less than one year. John is a Pearl Harbor Survivor, having been there during the December 7th 1941 attack. He was also stationed on Midway Island and survived the attack on that island in 1942.

1942, Hawaii, have a great time showing how to lean while standing up.

1941, oh, oh, finally had to grab to pole to keep from falling over?????

1941 with car and girl on Maui.

1942, John with Don Musgrave, a buddie who was with him at the time of the Midway Battle.

1941, John with another boyhood friend, Bob Engdahl, in Hawaii

1942, ditto

1942, always a great guy on his feet, here jitterbugging with girl on Maui.

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