Lester Peter Gideon Family Photos, 1916 - 1952

Black & White, Photo Page 1

The Family 1916 to 1940

1916, Lester Peter, Beatrice Evelyn & Edythe (Lynch) GIDEON, Seattle, Washington

1917, Same people as above, on camping vacation outside Seattle, Washington

Beatrice (Gideon) Monnette, 1938, photo taken by street photographer, Phoenix, Arizona

Edythe (NMN, Lynch) Gideon, 1939, Los Angeles, California

Nellie (Gilbride) Lynch, 1939, Mother of Edythe, and grandmother of Lester Peter, John Edward and Beatrice Evelyn GIDEON, taken in Long Beach, California

Beatrice, caught again by the street photographer, 1940, Phoenix, Arizona

Lester Peter GIDEON, Sr., 1940, Photo ID.

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