Descendants of Peter Gideon (1752-1844)


Please read this entire preface. It will explain a few important details that might be missed by just searching through the family tree pages. The Table of Contents to the tree pages is at the end of this preface.

A number of persons claiming to be descendants of Peter Gideon have conducted remarkable research efforts. They show how they themselves are related to Peter and other branches of a rather comprehensive Family Tree. What we have all discovered is that the second and third generation descendants of Peter were prolific breeders; many having as many as twelve or more children. Such a large number of grandchildren of Peter, then started to have smaller families. If you consider the enormity of the task of preparing this tree, you may find that by the third generation there were at least one hundred new trees starting. Today, the descendants fall into the sixth through tenth generations. Those in the ninth or tenth generation are easily starting or will start their own trees, and they are estimated in the thousands.

All the information within the two formats were obtained from many sources. The tree descending from Peter Miller Gideon was provided by Lester Peter Gideon. To this was appended and merged by the tree starting three generations earlier provided by Mark Gideon. The next additions came from materials located on the web site Gideon's Trumpet prepared and maintained by Susie Martin Rott. As time passed, many more contacts of Gideon Descendants came forth with information on their particular limbs of the tree. These have also been included. They include Penny Bossom, Lloyd Lininger, Jody Roger Gideon, Richard Lee Henderson, Jule and Debra Starks, and other names that will be added in time. Other sources used to a limited extent are the World Family Trees published by Broderbund. Volumes 1 through 27. Unfortunately for our listings, persons who are still living on the WFT are listed as "Private" and do not provide any information other than names. As research continues, we have found that there are more sources for the Gideon name than our Peter Gideon. There is confusion as to his father's name and immigration source. In this version, we have included the ancestor of Peter Gideon; using the name of "Peter Heinrich Gideon." Was it Roger Gideon? Was it Peter Heinrich Gideon? No one so far has come up with any written evidence. The various Immigration Records show that there were several occasions of Gideon named persons arriving in the U.S. during the 1800's. These could not possibly have been related to Peter Gideon; unless there is a connection somewhere back in the 1600's or early 1700's. Some came from Russia, some from Germany, some from Ireland, and other assorted countries.

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This photo provided by Jody Roger Gideon, shows a Gideon Family Reunion which took place sometime in the 1890's. Jody has recognized his ancestor Henry Sanford Gideon, also see the next photo. He wrote: "The only person I know for sure is the boy in the front row with the dog, this is my Grandfather Walter Gideon. Since Walter was born in 1890, and he looks to be around 5, I would guess the picture was taken around 1895. Henry is easy to pick out after looking at the first picture I sent you (below). I am in the process of getting together all the names. I have seen a copy of this picture with each individual person numbered and named. These are photo copies that I brought back and scanned from Nebraska." Of course if anyone has any further information or can help in any way, please contact Jody direct.

Update 28 July 2011. Just received word from Kelli Guenther Connors. The names of the individuals in the above photo were on labels of a picture she had. Seated in the front row left to right are Pete, James?, Jacob, Mary Ellen. Standing left to right are Alfred, Valentine (Val), and Joe.

This bottom photo, also provided by Jody Roger Gideon, is believed to be the children of Peter Gideon's son, Henry. It is obviously taken in the late 1800's (from other photos and known facts perhaps in 1895). The only one identified as of this writing is Henry Sanford Gideon, the man in the front row left. He was born 1 Sept 1836, and is the son of Henry Gideon. Sterling Gideon in Nebraska says that the others are Henry's brothers (and perhaps sister or wife of one), do any of you know anything about this photo? (Note how the individuals above also are shown in the top photo.)


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