Peter Gideon's Grave Site

A visit to Old Pott's Graveyard, near Hillsboro, Virginia
Date of visit was 11 June 1999.

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There are two ways to get to the graveyard from Highway 9. From the east, go through Hillsboro, and just before the final outskirts of the city turn left on the paved road marked "719." Proceed until you come to the junction of 716, where you will turn right on this paved road. A short while later the 716 starts to slowly curve to the right. At this point there will be a junction with 714, also called Shannondale Rd., a gravel surfaced road. Follow 714 for about one mile. There you will see a group of mail boxes on the left side of the road in front of a large farm house and barn. On the right will be a large grove of trees, ending with another gravel road going to the right. Turn right on this road. You will see on your left a large clearing of land, and further on the grave yard. There will probably be a chain around the gate opening, but when we were there it was not locked. Just go on in and find the graves and stones on the left near the road side as you enter.

The second way is from the west on 9, look for 716 to the right. Follow it for until you come to the sharp turnoff to 714.

Over view of Old Potts Graveyard

Plaque telling of history of the graveyard

Lester Peter Gideon (1928 - ) at the grave of Peter Gideon (1752-1844)

D.A.R. memorial plaque placed on gravestone of Peter as Revolutionary Soldier



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Partial view of cemetery showing corner with a number of Gideon graves. Danuta Gideon, wife of Lester, shown

Prepared by Lester Peter Gideon, July 18, 1999 and updated 15 January 2006