The Continuing Saga of the

Travels of Lester & Danuta Gideon

This issue to Bangkok and Vietnam

Table of Contents

The Emperor and Empress,
Lester & Danuta Gideon

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Page 1: We Start in Bangkok

Page 2: We continue in Bangkok

Page 3: We continue in Bangkok

Page 4 And now we arrive at Hanoi's New Airport

Page 5. Hanoi to HaLong Bay

Page 6 More of HaLong Bay

Page 7: Pottery Making in Vietnam

Page 8: Visiting Hanoi

Page 9: Around Hanoi

Page 10 More Hanoi, Ho Ch Minh Heritage

Page 11: More Hanoi, Water Puppet Theater

Page 12: More Hanoi, "Hanoi Hilton"

Page 13: More Hanoi, other major sites

Page 14: Outside Hanoi, "Home Sweet Homes"

Page 15: Hanoi shopping & B/W views of French Colonialism Hanoi

Page 16: Hanoi final, and after flight to Hue

Page 17: More scenes in and around Hue

Page 18: Bus, Hue to DaNang

Page 19: DaNang and 'China Beach'

Page 20: Bus, DaNang to HoiAn

Page 21: In and around Saigon

Page 22: Old U.S. Embassy, Saigon

Page 23: More views in Saigon

Page 24: Boat ride, Mekong Delta

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