Lester & Danuta Visit to Bangkok & Vietnam

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We continue in Bangkok, Thailand

The "Emerald Buddha" perched on top of the 11 meter high altar in the Wat Pra Keo at the Royal Palace. It is actually carved out of green jade, found in the north of the country.

Closeup of the Buddha. It is dressed by the king three times a year.

The Marble Temple

Statue of Lord Buddha in Wat Benchomobophitr (The Marble Temple)

Doing something with coconuts, on the way.

On the way to Damnern Saduak, the floating market a couple hours southwest of Bangkok. Our bus broke down so they put us in these pickup bus trucks.

Typical of the type boat we patrolled the canals and finally into the Floating Market area.

A house along the canal on the way toward the Floating Market.

Typical of the small boats used by the vendors, mostly women on the canals of the Floating Market at damnern Saduak.

In addition to selling vegetables, many of these boats make and sell complete meals.

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