Lester & Danuta Visit to Bangkok & Vietnam

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We continue in Bangkok, Thailand

On the return from the Floating Market, our bus does the normal thing, stop at a factory, this time wood carving, to see how they make things. And, of course they always give you plenty of time to look around the areas where you may purchase them.

Here I am standing next to a large elephant carved from one piece of wood.

Here the artist is carving on a huge piece of wood.

Another wood carving complete, really beautiful workmanship. And, of course, this and the following items are all for sale.

Now this is a really huge elephant carving that Danuta is standing next to. It is obviously not cut from one piece of tree.

This carving goes around the tree trunk, and again is outstanding workmanship.

Now Danuta is with another huge elephant, this one with the trunk up, meaning 'good luck.'

But, I stick with the smaller ones. This one is black with gold plating.

Crossing the Choa Praya River on the Sathorn Birdge on the return from the Floating Market to Bangkok.

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