Chapter 6
The New Life Begins in Gdansk

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Now, Lester's Polish visa expired. After a two week honeymoon, Lester left for California alone. Danuta had to remain in Poland awaiting her permanent visa. It was normally neither fast nor easy, maybe a year or two. However, thanks to son Jerry's help with his boss, a Congressman, she waited only three months. Lester returned 6th December, 1991 to be with Danuta for Christmas and New Years. Christmas was spent with Danuta's family; New Years Eve was at the Naval Officer's Club in Gdynia. On 9th January, 1992, Danuta received her permanent visa, and 13th January (on Lester's birthday), they arrived in America. From this time, they have been inseparable, and have enjoyed their lives together. And like in the fairy tales, they lived happily ever after.

Danuta, left, visiting with former co-workers, Wojtek Bonislawski and Irena Pawlukiewicz at Wojtek's office

Celebrating Christmas with Danuta's mother, Wladyslawa Grzeskowiak and friend Eugeniusz Melech

Using a timer on the camera we were able to get this shot. Note that we had the traditional goose rather than turkey dinner here.

At the Naval Officer's Club in Gdynia for New Years Eve celebration. That is a story in itself. The traditional all night event had food trays coming to the table every half hour or so, with lots of vodka and champage. There was a good band for music, but they took half hour breaks after playing but 3 songs each session. But guess they had to do something to last the night through.

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