Chapter 2 On to California

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Lester, while in Zabrze in 1990, invited Margaret to spend her one month September vacation in California. It was to be her High School graduation gift from him; in exchange for the kindness shown him in Poland. During the second visit with Danuta in Washington, Lester also invited Danuta along. The three of them traveled about 6000 miles around California, Nevada, and Arizona. Margaret left on 30 September for Poland, and Danuta left on 2nd October for Cincinnati. On the 8th October, Lester had surgery.

Danuta and Margaret sunbathing in the back patio, in Lompoc's beautiful God-given sunshine.

Danuta and Lester at the rim of the Grand Canyon

And Lester and Danuta in Las Vegas on the Strip.

Relaxing, listening to the music at "Happy Hour".

Obviously taken at the Universal Studios in 'Hollywood'.

Fairy Tale legends of the teacup.

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