Alone in Southern Africa for two months

Section 4

Second 15 Days on Safari

This second safari was to last 15 days. It started with a flight from Cape Town to Kimberley, where I picked up with my Karibu Safari guide and driver. Here I had a second chance to take a look at the "big hole." There was a larger group on this safari and we had another super large vehicle as well. During this 15 days, we drove into Namibia (formerly Southwest Africa) just a few days after it became a free republic. We went to the Augrabies Falls, Ai-Ais, the Fish River Canyon, Luderitz, Kolmanskop, the Namib Desert (at Sesriem), Naukulft, Swakopmund, the Skeleton Coast, Brandberg (rock paintings), Etosha National Park (Okaukuejo and Namutoni), the Gross Barmen, Windhoek. All the time we lived in tents and slept in sleeping bags. At one point I thought I was going to eaten alive by flies. I was able to swim in a large pool near the top of a mountain where a spring fed a pool before the water cascaded down and into a small river. I walked to and up the spine of a 350 meter high sand dune, what an experience. I walked in an area, where we were permitted to walk, where there are billions of dollars of yet to be recovered diamonds.

The photo quality in all the chapters is not so good. All the photos were orignally on slides. I had to convert them from the slide to the .jpg format, using a slide scanner.

Here I am at the new border crossing into the newly formed free country of Namibia.

Here is the large vehicle we traveled with. Note it is not as large as the one we had on the previous safari.

Here is the "Grand Canyon" of Southern Africa.

Warning sign on the desert warning against poachers going into the area to collect diamonds

One of the houses remaining in the ghost town, Kolmanskop

Another view of the area contaning diamonds yet to be found.

Here is a home built by a rich German. Looks like a castle out in the middle of nowhere in Namibia

The san dunes about 2000 feet high, we walked along the ridge.

Here, along the spine of the san dune, Numib Desert

A lonely animal in the desert.

A cool bath in a spring fed pond hig on a mountain side. Shown are some of the women sunbathing. This is in the area known as Brandberg.

Here is a plant that grown in the Namib Desert.

Here in front of my tent covering my head. There ber (seems like) billions of flies swarming around.


Many antelope family animals drinking in the man made lake at the Etosha National Park, Namibia,

More views at Etosha National Park

A Good guy at the Etosha, typical of the hundreds we saw.

Etosha National Park

More Etosha

Secretary Bird at Etosha













Our camp was set up inside the fortress shown here.



Laying in the shade to sleep from noon till 2 or 3 pm.


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