The SeaBee Class of Winter 1946, Manual Arts High School, Los Angeles, California

Photo showing the original buildings of the school in 1910

Here are the photos taken at the May 1998 52nd Annual Reunion Party.

Click Here to See Photos of our 1999, 53nd Anniversary Class Reunion - Taken Saturday, May 15th at Leisure World, Seal Beach.

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Click here to see the latest SWF movie on
1: The 1946 movie Lester Gideon took at our graduation final days;
2: The reunion meeting of May 2007;
and 3: The meeting of January 2009.

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January 1998 Committee Part at the Gideon's in Lompoc

June 1996 Committee Party at the Colwell's at Oceanside

Here are the photos from our October 2002 Party

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