Assorted ancestors of the current Gideon's

Many photos are daguerreotypes from the 1800's

John Edward Gideon and brother Lester Peter (8th) Gideon at the family homestead at Excelsior, Minnesota, in June 1996. The monument is for Peter (5th) Miller Gideon. One of his sons, Ansel Peter (6th) Gideon had Lester Peter (7th) Gideon, (Sr), who was the father of John and Lester. We trace a direct line of Peter's back to 1750, with only one named other than Peter. That was George Gideon, father of Peter Miller Gideon.

Christmas 1913. Sophia (Krause) Gideon, on the left, wife of Ansel Peter Gideon, mother of Lester Peter Gideon, Sr., (top). Edythe (Lynch) Gideon with Beatrice Evelyn Gideon, born May 1st 1913, on her lap. Ansel Peter Gideon was the son of Peter Miller Gideon.

Lester Peter Gideon, Sr., Dec 1930 in is usual role as Electrical Inspector for the City of Los Angeles, stationed in San Pedro. He is about 38 yrs old here.

Lester Peter Gideon, Sr, at the age of 12. He was born at Excelsior, Minnesota, on November 25, 1891.

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