Gideon Family Photos At The Inglewood Park Cemetery

located at Inglewood, California, USA

Outside view of the Grace Chapel and Columbarium (it is on the right with the door) where the Gideon niche is located. The niche inside was purchased in 1922 when Ansel Peter GIDEON died, and contains the ashes of Ansel, his wife, Sophia, their sons, Kenneth and Lester, and Lester's wife Edythe. Ah, the good looking toy in front is the 2002 TransAm Collector's Edition, I bought at the age of 74 to "live it up."

Window and name over the door to the entrance. This is located at the rear of the Grace Chapel and located directly over the crematorium, that is probably no longer in use.

View looking in from the doorway. Notice the cleanliness and exotic look of the 1920's when it ws built.

This is a view of the Gideon Niche on the top center which is in the second row on the right side as you enter..

Shown here are the 5 urns, yes there are 5. The fifth is a small one located in the rear behind the left two urns. It contains the ashes of Kenneth Gideon, born and died in 1889. On the left is Ansel Peter Gideon, then his wife Sophie (Krause) Gideon. Then, my parents, in the book is Edythe (Lynch) Gideon, and Lester Peter Gideon

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Page created 23 June 2002

Updated 15 January 2006,
by Lester Peter Gideon