The Gideon's from 1900 to 1947

This page contains photos of first my father, Lester Peter Gideon, born November 25, 1891 in Excelsior, Minnesota, and then my mother, Edythe (nmn) (Lynch) Gideon, born at the old fort in Walla Walla, Washington January 29, 1891. They met in Seattle, Washington, and were married at Victoria,Vancouver Island, BC, Canada on July 13, 1912.

On the right, he is shown next to his car on the Columbia Highway near Portland, Oregon, September 4-7, 1919.

Here he is in the 1920's.

And, in 1934

My mother (Edythe) and me, 1934

In 1946, while visiting relatives in New York

Again, 1946, in front of garage at 4202 Dalton Ave, Los Angeles.

Our mother, in her uniform, sitting at her desk in Angelus Temple, Los Angeles, where she was the guide that took bus tours and other visitors on extensive tours of the church and school facilities. She did this from about 1935 until 1978. She died at a Lutheran Home in Norwalk, California on December 5, 1983.

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Prepared on June 8 1998, updated 15 January 2006
by Lester Peter Gideon