More Paintings by Geraldine Gideon

Note: My paintings are NOT for sale.

Paintings in Oil Colors

Water= "Woman & Little Girl" 7"x13", 1998

Oil= "Girl & Squirrel" 20"x40", 1979

Oil= "Snow on House" 12"x16", 1979

Oil= "Italian Canal" 12"x16", 1999

Oil= "Palm Tree" 12"x16", 1996

Oil= "Busy Harbor" 16"x20", 1994

Oil= "In Charleston" 11"x14", 1980

Oil= "Brook & Trees" 20"x24", 1988

Oil= "Beatrice Gideon" 12"x16", 1992

Oil= "Vermeer Copy" 16"x20", 1990

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Created December 1, 1999, updated 23 June 2002, 16 January 2006,
by Lester Gideon