Lester & Danuta Visit to Bangkok & Vietnam

Photo Page 21

Vietnam, In and around Saigon and the Cu Chi Tunnels

(AKA Ho Chi Minh City)

View from our New World Hotel room.

Another view from our hotel room.

On the road to Cu Chi Tunnels we stopped at this small home factory where the woman is making paper sheets.

Display map showing extent of the approx. 200 km long Cu Chi Tunnels, 40 km northwest of Saigon.

Map showing the Cu Chi Tunnels complex.

The tunnel entrance that we used.

Here is Lester, showing the size of the opening in the tunnel system.

Only in the many rooms could we fully stand erect. We had to stoop or almost crawl in the tunnels connecting the rooms. Here is a display set up to show how they lived.

A sample of the bamboo or steel spike traps set up throughout the tunnels on which to impale invaders

The Ben Duoc Temple was built from 1993 to 1995 and has a stone "Stela" with about 50,000 Vietnamese names who fought and died in Saigon.

Inside view of the stone tablets with the names.

Danuta, resting on the portico of the Temple showing the type of terrain in the background.

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