Lester & Danuta Visit to Bangkok & Vietnam

Photo Page 18

Vietnam, scenes from Hue to DaNang

Tower at the Tu Duc Mausoleum.

What looks like colorful shaving brushes are in reality prayer candles


Danuta standing among the statues in the Emporer Khai Dinh's Mausoleum

We leave Hue by bus to drive to Danang, China Beach and Hoi An

Market along the way, covered against the rain.

From the road looking down on nice scenery.

Homes along the way with small farms.

More farm land layouts as we drive along

More scenery from the highway.

A refreshment stop along the way at a beach restaurant.

Small boats used for fishing along the many rivers and lakes in the area.

Bus was stopped at rail crossing for this train that goes from Saigon north to Hanoi.

We stop at the top of the Hai Van Pass for a view toward Danang. Here you can see the Hai Van Trail.

Our bus parked on the other side of the street in front of the restaurant at the top of the Hai Van Pass

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