Lester & Danuta Visit to Bangkok & Vietnam

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The huge Ho Chi Minh Mousoleum, where he is on display. The site was patterned after the Lenin Tomb, in Moscow.

A stand of bamboo with Danuta in the foreground.

The Presedential Palace during the French occupation, now used for state functions..

The building where Ho Chi Minh first lived after taking over the Government, from 1954 to 1958. This was the servants quarters during the French Rule

Here is the open area under Ho Chi Minh's last home used as a conference room. His bedroom was upstairs.

Looking back at Ho Chi Minh's home, including the second floor where he slept.

Another view of Ho's home on stilts looking back over the lake within the park that Ho used for fishing..

Entertainment center and sales room within the park They presented the visitor with a short program..

The Pillar Pogoda, photo taken in 1922 Called that because it is built up on only one central pillar.

The Pillar Pogoda, 2001, as it looks having been rebuilt after the French destroyed it when they left in the 1950's.

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