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Aerial views of the Wall and important monuments and buildings of West Berlin and portions of East Berlin. Taken from a helicopter during the winter of 1983 to 1984.

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Here are photos of the Wall from various locations around the city of West Berlin and on the West to East German borders. 1981-1984.

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In this section, you will see lots of photos in and around the area of East Berlin, as it was in 1981 to 1984.

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This section also has a few photos taken during my trips to Berlin in 1990, 1996, 1999.

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This section covers our travels out of Berlin by way of the Berlin-Helmstedt Autobahn, the Duty Trains, American, British and French.

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Produced and assembled 19 December 1999, updated 17 January 2006 , by that great guy, Lester Peter Gideon

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Berlin from the Air.